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ritten testimony.When asked when he learned of the messages, ▓Muilenburg sa▓id, "I believe▓ it was prior to t▓he second crash." It happened▓ about two years after Boeing engineers

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detected the potential problem. Boeing took no imm▓ediate reaction, and to make it worse, Boeing ▓didn't repor▓t the messages to the FAA ▓until this month.Sen▓ator Roger Wicker said those mess

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y restricted his reflections to technical, instead of instituti▓onal, problems behind the accidents.An international panel of safety regulators repor▓ted this mo▓nth that the FAA outsourced i▓ts reg

t airliners with a risky ▓flight control system already known to the compa▓ny before the crashes kept flyin▓g, Muilenburg provided few d▓etails, and Senator Tammy Duckworth▓ described his speech as "half-truths."▓Specifically, M▓uilenburg was re▓peatedly g▓rilled at the hearing abo▓ut delays in tu▓rning over internal messages th▓at describe▓d erratic behavior of the flight control ▓software in ▓a simulator.The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sa▓id Boeing covered up messages made b▓y its two employees in 201▓6 when a Boeing pilo▓t told his co-workers that th▓e flight handling system was "running rampant" during si▓mulator tests.The pilot said "this was egre▓gious," but "I b

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737 M▓ax's safety, and Boeing put "un▓due pressures" on▓ its employees working on 737 Max certification.Asked about▓ whether Boeing supported a new legislation on the oversight process, M▓uilenburg declined to give a clear b▓acking. He rejected Boeing's "cozi▓ness with the FAA" when it comes t▓o certification.On the contrary▓, Muilenburg boasted i

asic▓ally lied to regulators